Sleeping Beauty

Lauren and Michael immediately fell out after their last round. They both had took the weekend off for much needed together time. The hustle and bustle of the past few weeks led to barely any alone time. Before their new adult jobs they were able to have sex at least 7 times a week and lately they’ve barely been able to accomplish a quicky.

Michael woke up first and looked upon Lauren’s body as she slept. He ran his fingers down her naked torso, admiring the beauty that laid before him. It wasn’t long before his thoughts got to him and his dick was at attention. He lifted up Lauren’s ass cheek, spit on her pussy, and slid a finger inside. He worked it around a little, then he added a second, and a third. He twisted and turned his fingers inside of her, slowly, feeling her wetness build up.  It only took a few strokes for his fingers to compel her, and she began pushing her ass back on Michael. Knowing that he had now accomplished getting her juices flowing, Michael pressed his erection against her and put his mouth to her ear.

“Ready for more?” he asked, slowly increasing and decreasing the stride of his fingers. Every time Lauren went to answer “Yes!”, Michael hit her spot and stifled her words.

When he was done toying with her, he slid into his eagerly awaiting pussy. Lauren let out a gasp of relief, settling into position and raising her left butt cheek so that Michael had no problem penetrating her deeper.

“Oh, you ready, huh?” Michael said, starting off with slow strokes.

“Well, you did wake me up,” Lauren panted, barely getting a word out per thrust. Michael grasped her breast as he ground into her. She put her hand over his, still clasping her breast, bringing his hand up to her mouth. She nibbled on his fingers as she let out tiny moans. He began leaving trail marks of bites on her shoulder, each one more intense than the next, as his strokes grew stronger. Lauren pulled her knee to her face, begging Michael to go deeper.

Michael adjusted his position, straddling over top of her. His new angles hit Lauren’s g-spot with each motion, making her quench and ooze. He flipped Lauren onto her back, pushing her right leg up to mirror the left, forcing her feet behind her head. He skewered down into her, drilling his heavy penis into her drenched vagina. Michael felt it coming, and his body jerked as he exploded. The two heaved, tirelessly kissing each other in reward for a job well done.



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