The Gala

Jannie couldn’t take being at the benefit gala any longer. Her skin crawled. Each section more sensitive than the next. With each blow of the wind or brush against her skin she felt an electrifying feeling travel up and down her body ultimately landing between her legs causing her to contract her inner walls into she felt the tension fade away. Horny was too simple of a word to describe how she felt. She longed to be penetrated. She felt an emptiness inside her, waiting to be filled to its maximum capacity. Her body flushed from head to toe. A knee-weakening shimmer traveled throughout her body, most importantly, her vagina. Jannie stood next to Nick, mindlessly nodding and smiling at the conversation being had in front of her, unable to fully apply her attention to anything else but the yearning in between her legs. Jannie wanted nothing more than for Nick to rip off her gown and fuck her right there on the banquet floor in front of everyone.

“Yeah, I was just telling my wife the same thing this morning.” Nick said, gripping Jannie’s waist and pulling her in closer. “I can smell how horny you are right now,” Nick whispered to Jannie, kissing her on the cheek before returning to the conversation. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her body went hot.

“Will you please excuse me? Nature calls.” Jannie said in the tone she used to hide sarcasm and frustration. She quick-stepped to the bathroom, exchanging polite smiles along the way. When she got into the bathroom, she went straight to the sink and splashed some cold water on her face. Good thing I’ve never been the type to apply a full face, she thought. She sat on the blue velvet ottoman in the bathroom’s sitting area, strongly considering busting her own pussy wide open just to get through the rest of the evening. Just when she had almost composed herself, the door swung open and her husband came in.

“Is anyone in here?” Nick asked, locking the door.

“Who cares?” Jannie breathlessly responded, getting out of her dress as quickly as possible. Nick took Jannie, now naked, into his arms and kissed her, dipping her body back onto the ottoman. Jannie’s thighs trembled. Nick grabbed ahold of them and pushed them wide open. He took in her pheromones and admired her glistening lips as they spit bubbles up at him like a cooing baby. He pushed her feet over her head and placed her awaiting pearl in his mouth. His beard covered with her sticky, he gripped her clit with his lips and moved them back and forth, massaging her pleasure point as his tongue rolled up and down it. He took deep breaths through his nose as his mouth filled up with her juices. He let one leg go, placed the other one on her opposite shoulder, and started licking her sideways, frontways, backways. Her body couldn’t take it; she came repeatedly, one after the other, ruining the velvet beneath her.

Nick stood up and loosened his tie; the action was so simple, but it made Jannie cringe and cream every time. He pulled his pants down and plunged deep into her. Jannie finally got what she’d been waiting for. She was filled to her limits, and her body thanked her for it. Each stroke was more intense than the next. She moaned and whimpered. Crying out Nick’s name, the passion was so intense. Even after ten years, the orgasms always seemed to get better every time. Nick flipped Jannie back over and slapped her ass.

“Arch it” he bassed. She poked her ass up to him and reached beneath her body, grabbing his dick firmly and putting him inside of her. Without removing her grip, she threw her ass back, stroking his penis with every thrust as she pushed off.

“Shit” Nick groaned, letting his wife go to work. Jannie’s ass clapped and rippled with each throw back. She had been holding herself up on her left hand, but now she dropped down, face completely pressed to cushion, and began rubbing her clit. Nick removed his wife’s grip on him and grasped a chunk of each of Jannie’s cheeks and rammed it in to her, banging on her cervix, quick stroking her insides. Both of Jannie’s hands flew forward, gripping the edge of the ottoman.

“Mmm, yes, Daddy, shit!” Jannie’s titties slapped back against her with every mind-blowing, hard-hitting stroke. She reached back for Nick’s tie and pulled herself up to her knees, bouncing with his thrust. He took her breast in his hands and her neck in his mouth. They both were reaching their ultimate climax. His teeth clenched deeper into her. She liked the pain.

“Harder Daddy! Give it to me!” His bite went deeper, his stroke harder, his grip on her breast stronger. He did just that, he gave it all to her, filling her with his warm cum. Jannie pushed her drained husband out of her and kissed him in appreciation.

“Good thing we’re in a bathroom,” said Jannie.

“Easy clean up!” Nick grinned in response.

Jannie started to get herself together. Nick approached behind her, watching, admiring his wife trying to touch up even though there was no need. Everyone would know what they had been doing anyway, and he preferred her like this, looking disheveled and flushed because of him. He moved her hair, exposing the nape of her neck, and kissed her.

“Ready to go back to the party?” Nick asked.
“For now.” Jannie smirked. He gave her ass one last slap and they went back to the party.


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