The Thrill by Eyveht Glo 

Journee couldn’t be any more impressed with herself after the turnout of her latest event at Lacuna Lofts. She’d completely turned the space out for the Black Womens Activist Ball. They wanted urban posh, and that’s exactly what Journee delivered. Three of the main walls were covered with graffiti portraying all the strong black women of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and 80s, while another three walls played rapid visuals of the sista’s that were locked behind bars for standing up for their rights, along with the women in office who worked to secure equality for women and in the black community. And on the the main wall the organizations promo video looped all night. Journee, being the lady of awe she was, caught everyone’s attention with the sky window that opened up so you could see the ever-so-breathtaking skyline of Chicago. Even though she wasn’t a Chicago native, there was no doubt that the skyline was one of the many things that kept her in the Windy City.
The ball was everything she had hoped for: packed, live, and with plenty of fine men in one room, which made the night even sweeter. Journee had always had a thing for christening her event spaces, it was the cherry on top to a successful night. Like a lioness in the safari, she already had her eye on three scrumptious men, each of whom made it clear they needed every part of Journee.

Since the night was ending, she figured she’d go with the 6’5” corporate, chocolate Rasta. Journee had a thing for dreads, and his were just so well-kept that the thought of pulling them made every hair on her body shiver.

After working the room, Journee finally made herself available for his courtship and as expected, her prey approached her, grinning.

“God! And a sexy smile. Damn, I need this man.” He introduced himself as Tracy, and that was all Journee needed to know. She had been doing some reading and heard that men were becoming more and more open to surprises. Journee had just the surprise Tracy needed. After evaluating him all night, Journee was sure he wouldn’t mind her body against his. She stepped towards Tracy and placed her hands on his black and grey leather Gucci belt, slowly grazing her nails over the rim. Never losing eye contact with Tracy, she flashed a smile and bit the inside of her lip.

“I want this,” she said, as she let her hand glide down the middle of his pants, feeling the imprint of his dick. “Bingo!” Journee thought. “I picked a winner.”

Tracy was speechless for a moment, but to Journee’s surprise, he leaned down and whispered in her ear.

“You can have more than just this dick.” Journee chuckled with excitement, took another sip of her champagne, and let Tracy follow her to a small private blocked off bar. It was primarily for the older biddies who didn’t really want to walk around and talk to people, but Journee had security clear the room an hour ago in anticipation of this moment.

Journee stood behind the bar ready to serve Tracy, but she was right, she’d picked a winner: he followed her every move. She reached for a glass and he pulled up right behind her, dick hard as a rock. Journee’s body started to fall apart.

“Damn, he smells so good,” she thought. He pulled her hand back and placed it around his neck while he kissed softly around hers, swirling his tongue in all the right places. He made use of his other hand, wasting no time. Journee loved that. He began playing with her pearl and she let his fingers explore every part of her lips below. Journee let out a moan and he grabbed her breast hard and bit her neck sweetly.

“Damn and he’s rough, fuck!”

“You’re so wet and I haven’t even done anything to you,” Tracy mentioned.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck; and he talks!” Journee thought. Before she could respond, he untied her wrap dress, pushed her up on the corner of the bar, and dove in head first. She couldn’t hold it in. “Fuck, Tracy! Damn!”

He laughed, and the rumble in his throat vibrated against Journee’s pussy. She grabbed his dreads. It seemed like the harder she pulled, the more sucking and tongue twirling he did.

“Mmm, you like this pussy a lot I see.” He looked up in surprise and came up for air, instantly gliding his fingers inside Journee, making her back arch.

“Oh, I see you wanna get fucked tonight asking questions like that.” The deeper he went, the louder Journee got. “You said you wanted this dick, right?” Journee regrouped. She was on a high and he was about to take her even higher.

“Mmhmm. You gonna dick me down, Tracy?” He laughed and leaned in to kiss Journee, picking her up and taking her over to the navy blue leather couches. His pants were off and he was standing in his black and grey Calvin Klein boxers.

“Good lord this man is fine as fuck,” Journee almost said aloud.

She looked at him for a moment and pulled at his long dreads, forcing his head back, making the access to his neck and ear easy. She traced her tongue from his ear down to his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt, leaving kisses in all the spots that forced his knees to buckle a bit and pull Journee in tight around her waist. She grabbed his dick, hard, and he jumped. “You ready to give me what I want?”

She pushed him down on the couch and stuffed all the wood she could down her throat. His dick was perfect; about seven inches long and 3 and a half inches wide. Journee had a knack for sucking dick, so it was no surprise when she heard the grunts and soft moans from Tracey. Journee dropped a little lower and placed his balls in her mouth, twirling them around while massaging his dick.

“You want this nut, don’t you,” Tracy asked in between breaths. Journee moaned on his dick. He was in a trance trying not to bust. “Fuck! Bring that pussy back to me.” He leaned over to smack her ass. Journee got excited and went after what she’d been waiting for all night.

She hopped on top of his wet dick. It fit so perfect and filled her way past her limit. The room grew hot and steamy, causing their bodies to slip and slide against each other. Journee came so many times she had to ask Tracy if he was showing off. He grew cockier and cockier as the fuck session went on, responding with a deeper thrust and a “hell yeah” as he switched her to yet another position.

At this point, Tracy had moved her near the entrance of the private bar.

“Daring,” she thought as he lifted her around his waist and pressed her against the wall. “This man is the shit,” she thought.

“Ohh Tracy you the shit, get in that pussy, real deep.” His strokes were increasing, breaths shortening, and he went silent. “Mmmhmm, that pussy so good you speechless now, huh?” He moaned. “Yeah, gimme what I want, cum for me Tracy.” And at that very moment, Journee’s wish was his command. He lowered her body gently, and as Journee headed further south, she caught a quick glance and saw his dick still had a little life left. She wanted this man motionless. As soon as her mouth touched his dick, his body tensed up and it seemed like the only words he could mouth were her name…repeatedly, until she gulped down the last bit of life that was left inside of him. He stumbled back onto the couch. Journee pranced over to the bar and reached for the bottle of Conjure.

“How ‘bout that drink?”


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