The Bad Babysitter’s Club: Katie 

If only Mr. DeFaeo could see under her disguise. Beneath her Christian school uniform  (she only wore for babysitting gigs; in fact, she went to public school) she had on a sexy negligée. She could tell he was imagining himself tossing her over his knee and spanking her with a ruler as she begged for an A on the midterm. At least, that’s what she was imagining.

“Katie? Did you hear me?” Mrs. DaFaeo asked, noticing Katie wasn’t completely there.
“Yes. Numbers on the fridge, you’ll be back by 12, Matt needs to be in bed immediately after dinner, Susan can stay up till 9, and money for the pizza is on the counter. Anything else?” Katie shined her innocent smile, reassuring that she was the girl for the job.
“Barbra, can’t you see Katie has it handled? Now, let’s go, people are waiting.”
Katie waved goodbye to the Dafaeos and watched as they drove down the street until the car disappeared around the corner.
Katie loved her babysitting gig. She put out ads in rich neighborhoods where the houses were humongous and fabulous. She would try on the wives’ clothes, and when she’d turned 18, she started fucking their husbands. Only the ones who were bitches to her; she wasn’t completely heartless. Two months back she’d started dating Bobby. He would come over with goodies and they would fuck on the most expensive thing in the house: marble tables, fur coats, a Bentley.
Once the kids were in bed, Katie instantly called Bobby.

“Hey babe, what’s shaking??” Bobby answered.
“The little runts are asleep. And you have three hours to fuck me while I wear this bitch’s pearls,” I purred, admiring the necklace draped around my throat in the vanity.
” I’ll be there in 30 minutes. No, 15.”

Katie hung up the phone and checked on the kids again. She toured the house, looking for the perfect place to fuck. She came across a guest room decorated Victorian-style. The bed alone looked liked something Queen Elizabeth would own. She figured anything in here had to cost a pretty penny, and that bed would be the start.
When Bobby arrived he parked down the street, out of view, in case the DaFaeos came back early. He grabbed the plate in the passenger seat and headed up the street, looking for the the numbers that matched Katie’s text. 17520, 17522,17524!
When Katie opened the door, she was in nothing but the black negligee and Mrs. DaFaeo’s pearls, her disguise tossed to the side.
“Brownies?” Katie inquired about the contents of the plate.
“Huh?” Bobby was still stunned by how Katie greeted him at the door.
“Oh yeah! They’re laced, here.” He gave her the brownies and kissed her, taking in a handful of her ass.
Bobby gave himself a tour of the house as Katie helped herself to the homemade treats in her hand. She caught up to Bobby just as he reached the bedroom she’d picked out for them.
“Yup. On that bed, like I’m English royalty.”
“Whatever you say, babe.”
They made their way to the bed. Bobby started clawing at Katie, almost ripping her negligée.
“LIKE ROYALTY!” Katie shouted, pushing Bobby off of her.
“Nice and slow. You can fuck me like a jackhammer on something else expensive.”
Bobby got into the mindset and changed his approach. He planted soft, firm kisses from Katie’s earlobe down to her shoulders, letting the straps of her bralette fall off her.

Her perky, full C-cups sat up for him and he took them in a mouthful at a time. Katie gripped a chunk of Bobby’s shaggy blonde hair as his tongue lingered on her nipples. She was getting hot. They worked their way further onto the bed, stripping Bobby of his clothes along the way. Katie took the pony tail holder from her wrist and put her long brown hair into a bun. She licked her lips and placed his whole penis in her mouth, sucking his member slow, firm.
“That’s not how Queens a-act,” Bobby stuttered
“It is when their Kings deserve it,” she said, grazing her tongue along the skin between his balls and asshole. Bobby’s left leg jerked and he exploded beneath her touch. Katie licked him clean, making sure all his contents were in her mouth. Bobby returned the favor, allowing time for his boner to gear back up.
He sucked her clit delicately, awakening the nerves. His warm mouth felt so good on Katie’s vagina. The brownies hit the same time as Katie’s first orgasm, redefining euphoria all together.
He placed himself inside her, rocking the antique bed back and forth. His passionate strokes became rougher and rougher. He tried his best to follow her orders, but her wet, tight pussy squeezing around him put him into overdrive.
It was Bobby’s turn to pick what they would fuck on next. Katie checked on the kids again before meeting Bobby in the master bedroom.
“This bedroom is bigger than my house.”
“Aren’t they always?” Katie teased, wrapping her arms around Bobby from behind, dragging her hands up and down his skin.
“Have you picked out the next place?”
“I sure did.” He leads Katie into the next room, which had been a study that doubled as an library.
“Here?” Katie asked, perplexed. She couldn’t see anything in there that looked expensive enough to fuck on. Bobby pointed out a bookshelf just short enough for him to bend Katie over
“You see all those books? They’re first editions. They have to be worth a lot.”
Katie pulled her hair tie loose, letting her tresses trickle down her back. She bent over the bookshelf and Bobby moved to ease in behind her. Their heights didn’t quite match.
“Maybe if you stand on your tippy toes?” Bobby suggested.
Katie ran out of the room and made her way back to Mrs. Dafaeo’s closet. She rummaged through her Louboutins. Size 9? She’d have to make it work. She ambled back in with the red bottoms and added height.
With no questions, Bobby got back into place, this time sliding into her with ease.

He wrapped her hair around his hands, using it as reigns as she bucked back onto him.
“Stick it in my ass, Bobby!”
Once again without question, Bobby obliged. The juices from her pussy allowed him to slide easily into the next hole. The two didn’t even attempt to keep their scream hidden. They just fucked until they couldn’t fuck anymore.
When the night was over, Katie made sure each of the rooms were in shape, and all the DaFaeos’ belongings were back in their proper places.
By the time the Dafaeos came home, Bobby was long gone and Katie was back in her school girl uniform.
Mrs. Dafaeo handed Katie a $100 bill and Mr. Dafaeo tipped her $50 as Mrs. Dafaeo walked upstairs.
After Katie left, Mrs. Dafaeo disrobed and got into bed.
“Aren’t you coming to bed, honey?” She asked her husband, who was making his way to his study.
” I’ll be there in a bit. I want to check the cameras and just make sure everything is in its place.”
“Okay, I’m tuckered out. Let me know if you find anything. ” Mr. Dafaeo kissed his wife and proceed to his study.
He poured himself a scotch and reviewed the tapes. He didn’t really expect to find anything, but he did want to watch Katie run around in her catholic school uniform and imagine her moist vagina on him. So when the image of her fucking popped up just a few feet away from where he was sitting, his dick instantly got hard. He pulled his throbbing erection free of his pants and masturbated to the amateur porn displayed on his screen, looking at all the nasty things Katie did that his wife hadn’t done to him in years. Putting himself in the place of Bobby. Wishing he could’ve fucked her sweet mouth. When he was done pleasuring himself with thoughts of Katie, he climbed back into bed next to his sleeping wife, praying Katie would at least visit his dreams.


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