Homage to Fellatio 

We are primed, from the early stages of life, to satisfy our urge for oral fixation. According to Freud, we go through four sexual stages, two of which are oral and phallic. These concentrate on a fascination with genitals and the oral stage, initiating our primary erogenous zones. Depending on your sexual stage in life, you may or may not have performed fellatio. And I want to say whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, it’s okay. Sex is all about doing what makes you and your partner feel good and comfortable. If you have not performed oral sex, my goal by the end of this article is to motivate you to do so and provide a handy guide to jump in there head first. If you have? My goal is to make sure you’re the best head-giver you can be. First things first: If you’re going to do it, do it right. One of the most beautiful sounds is a man’s moan brought forth by your touch. The angelic symphony of that sound ringing out over the slurps of your lips along his shaft, punctuated with his slaps of your ass as you deep-throat him into oral oblivion is something all must experience. Making a man cum is nothing to be ashamed of, but to embrace. And what better test of your abilities than the oral one? First, you must get in the right headspace. Mentally prepare yourself to blow someone’s mind. Be confident. Look that dick in its eye and prepare to get friendly. Find your inner fellatio goddess, wet that whistle and get to work like you’re 15 minutes late. Second, use all your instruments on his..instrument. Use your vocals cords and moan on his penis letting the vibrations tickle his nerves as your mouth moves up and down his shaft to the tempo he desires. The penis has approximately 4,000 nerve endings, be sure to excite all of them.  Your tongue and lips should be well lubricated with saliva. Your mouth should be watery like you got a 8oz steak cooked to perfection in front of you. And that’s exactly what you should treat his dick like, the most expensive thing on the menu. Be sure to use your hands, grab hold of him firmly and take control. Most importantly do not forget the balls. Now once you get a nice rhythm try new techniques. See what his body is responding to. Does he like when you stick it deep? Does he prefer for you to wriggle your tongue on his tip? What are you doing with your hands? There’s 100’s of books that thoroughly explain hand jobs and blow jobs that are out there for you! Yeah, anyone can plop a dick in their mouth and throw some spit on it but it’s about truly perfecting the craft. Your goal is to slurp, gargle, and fondle your way to his ejaculation. Now the age old question: spit or swallow? I say, neither! If your toppy was truly sloppy then the only thing that you should be using as an indication that your man has busted that load are his eyes rolled back and dead to the world. His nut along with all that saliva should be added to the puddle in the sheets as you continue to bop along. Of course this is completely optional. If you really don’t like to get that “nasty” you and you’re partner should have that conversation prior. There are ways to handle his ejaculation without killing the mood. Maybe offer and alternative and tell him where you want him to put it. Once you get comfortable with the mechanics you’ll be waking your man up with breakfast and head in no time! Good luck, and may the fellatio Gods be ever in your favor.


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