The Other Woman

Scandal has made being the other woman become a glorified position. With songs like “Situtionships” by Fabulous achieving girlfriend status has become a thing of the past and frequent casual hook ups now a modern day regular. When did it become okay to settle as the other woman?


Rarely does the other women ever replace the girlfriend, other women act as a place holder to help the man achieve a nut or something of emotional value that they are not receiving from their significant other. There is levels to this other woman shit. There’s “The Bopper”, “The Occasional Hook Up”, “The Hangout”, and “Girlfriend #2”, there are other levels I’m sure I am not thinking of, but these four pretty much cover the basis.

The Bopper:

This is the other woman who is there strictly for head purposes. When his main significant other is not adequate at head or refuses to do it. The Bopper is called to help pick up the slack. (See Being Mary Jane)

The Occasional Hook up:

This is the girl that only gets the late night 2am after the club let’s out calls cause Wifey sleep and homeboy is in need of a drunken release.

The Hangout:

This is the girl who isn’t trying to give up the booty easy. She’s been sold dreams of becoming Wifey one day and is trying to make herself seem like a prize jewel. She gets “good morning” text and random in person late night talks covering minor personal details to make it seem like a relationship is building. All in hopes of one day getting the cheeks cracked.

GF #2:

GF#2 gets all things Wifey is getting sometimes more. She gets uses of the car, taken out to eat, rides to where she needs to go, gets to meet the close friends, maybe even family, amongst other things you wouldn’t think a side chick should get. The perks of the relationship vary depending on the dude.


How does one become a side chick?

The last time I was a side chick I spent months with a young man, we discussed relationships and why we weren’t in them, completely neglecting the fact that he had a girlfriend. For him I fit under the category of GF #2. The amount of time I spent with dude I would never have thought he actually had a girlfriend that he could be dedicating any time to. We made each other breakfast, he worked during the day while I was at school, and at night he reported to my house for dinner. It took all of 5 months for me to even discover he had a girlfriend. I found out because she happened to be a mutually acquainted with a few people I knew and I overheard her say his name. Like any female would I followed her on IG and discovered picture after picture of their relationship backing to the past 9 months. That means MAJORITY of their relationship I was the other woman. And like most side chicks, I stayed. I confronted him about it and he didn’t deny it, by that time I was comfortable getting the perks I was getting (aka the sex was bomb). By the time the summer came she was back home and him and I stayed at our apartments which so happened to also be in the same complex. So the convenience of it all was great for both of us. I received rides to and from work when he was in town, I got to keep the car when he was out of town, he put groceries in my fridge, and provided the alcohol and drugs whenever requested. I also provided non sexual benefits like providing food, occasionally paying for meals when we went out to eat, and providing a listening ear when things weren’t going well at work. I had the spare key to his car and apartment, and we even started to plan to go out of town with each other. With situations like this things become complicated, emotions inevitably get involved. I mean dude was practically my boyfriend. After a year this relationship eventually ended, and he is still with the previously stated girlfriend. Being a side chick is never rewarding, even if it does end in a relationship with the guy. The guy has already proved to you that he’s a cheater, why would you even want to replace the girlfriend in his life? I can say once you find out that you’re in the side chick position just leave. But it isn’t always that easy. Every girls been the side chick once in their life whether she cares to admit it or if she’s even aware of its happening. Being the side chick should never be glorified as an accomplishment even if you get the star treatment like I did. It’s degrading. We are seen as home wreckers when most of us just find ourselves caught up in the charm of a lying ass male. 2015 needs to be the end of the Side Chick Era. Relationships are lacking communication, resulting in a lack of intimacy, causing partners to step out. It’s time to build back up to what our grandparents had. I’m not saying there wasn’t cheating before the 2000’s, I’m just saying that it wasn’t part of these infamous “Relationship Goals” every ones trying to reach nowadays.

How do you’ll feel about “The Other Woman”?


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