Forbidden Fruit

his eyes widened with shock. he didn’t expect her to be so wet.
shit he never expected to know what she felt like.
let alone dream it could be this good.
Just moments earlier they were laughing at some joke he had made, and now he was inside of her. What compelled her to kiss him? Was it the alcohol? No. They’d been drinking together for years and shit had never gone down like this. More importantly than all that, how long had he been ready to react? The initial impact of her lips jarred him, but he soon embraced it. So much so that ten minutes later, they were naked on his back porch, fucking like jack rabbits.
When she first sat on it, he was dumbfounded. It felt like his dick was going through one of those water massage beds they have at the mall. At least that’s what he imagined it would feel like. He’d never been intrigued enough to spend actual money on the contraptions, but now he didn’t have to. Every move she made caused him to dig deeper into her. His fingers pressed into her sides as he pulled their chests together into one, the added stability of the clutch allowing him to feel her deepest depths. The whole experience was surreal. Maybe it was the liquor after all. His primal instincts started to take over more than ever before as he lifted her up and flipped her around. It was amazingly easy to maneuver her body.
This would be fun. Uh-oh. That familiar tingling warmth was beginning to spread through his body. Maybe a little too fun. This was probably a once in a lifetime chance; once they sobered up and the morning came, the feel of her pleasure would be retired to a dream. He tried to slow down the process trying to think of as many dead animals and naked old people as possible.
Eventually, he found a smooth, safe stroke and was able to keep going the distance. He’d never paid attention before but she had great breasts. They were a perfect handful; firm but soft, conforming to his hand with each squeeze. He stood her up and perched her over the bannister. All this fucking was shaking the liquor up inside of them, sending intoxication flooding over them in waves. He tried to focus, but this new fog of drunkenness had his head spinning.
“What’s wrong, Daddy?” she coaxed, a grin teasing at her lips. “Can’t keep up?”
She talked shit too?!
He wasn’t going to let a little loss of motor control fuck up his chance to shut her up for good. If their relationship made it past this moment, he would never let her live down the fact that not only did he make her cum, but that she screamed his name.
He commanded her to get on her knees. She obliged, kneeling down in front of him and pulling her hair back, preparing to put his penis into her mouth. Though he was more than willing to let a load off into her mouth, he had bigger goals.
“I meant on all fours,” he chuckled.
She complied correctly this time,back arched and ass raised, awaiting his entry. He spread her cheeks and spat into her pussy, taking the tip of his penis and mixing his saliva into her. Damn, she was so tight.
he thrusted into her. their bodies applauded. her cheeks rippled with each impact.
he was about to cum. his thrust became quicker and harder and occasionally he would slap her ass and admire his birds eye view as she threw it back on him.
She bucked back strong and sent his name screeching across the backyard, grinding her walls around him. If he would’ve waited a second longer, he would’ve released into her; luckily he pulled out just in time. Once they came, reality washed over. They got dressed, wordlessly. Physically, they rejoined the party inside; their minds, however, would be stuck on that back porch…

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