Route 69 Pt. 2

Where we left off….

“Daddy” and Sunflower reunite after a 5 month drought. Tensions high, they decide to fuck at a rest stop between their two cities. After an impromptu peep show and other improbable obstacles, they head to the highway where they both exit off to Ecstasy. Famished, they go to a local diner and find themselves hungry for a little more than the special of the day…

“I would put your ass on my plate and eat you like a full course meal.” Daddy whispered, the vibrations of his words tickling my neck. I crossed my legs, adjusting the tension throbbing between them. I felt his eyes boring into me as I tried to concentrate on my steak and eggs.

“Your food’s getting cold,” I huffed.

“Feels like it’s just warming up,” he purred, his fingers twisting inside of me. “Let me fuck you in the bathroom.”

“No, I want to finish my food,” I lied.

“If you don’t let me fuck you in the bathroom, I will fuck you right here and now in this dining room.” He said, his mouth watering erection rising out of his pants as he unzipped his fly.

I shot my eyes around the restaurant to see if anyone had noticed what was going on. Everyone was mindlessly enjoying their soups of the day, not paying any mind to the soft porn happening just below our linoleum table. I scooched out of my seat and headed towards the corner bathrooms, Daddy hot on my trail. I guess the man who was ready to whip his dick out in a dining room wasn’t concerned with the gradual slip-away. In one motion, he slammed the bathroom door shut and guided my thighs up and apart as I sat on the sink. The synergy came to an end when he slid right into me, though. That’s where he fucked up.
“Oh hell naw! All that shit you was talking about me being a hot meal; you better feast first!” I slapped a firm hand on his abs and slid my hips back, pushing him out of me. His face went from perplexed to slightly amused. He stood back and looked at his meal, presented on a porcelain plate and all. He ran his tongue along his lips and placed his hand on his chin, pondering his approach.

“Well, it’s not going to eat itself!” I grinned. Anticipation was usually sexy, but right now I needed him to get to it.

“Hop off the sink.”

I followed his direction, and before I had both feet firmly on the ground I was upside down staring at denim, my legs draped over his firm shoulders. With one hand he held my body tight and close to his; with the other, his fingers spread my swollen lips and he swirled his tongue against my pussy. All the blood rushed to my head while my legs sighed into the spread eagle position. My body shuddered as he mindlessly enjoyed his personal soup of the day.

“Do I taste good, Daddy?” “Mhm,” he moaned, rubbing his face deeper into me. His erection, full blown once again, pressed on my forehead. I finessed it out of his pants and started sucking. I’ve sucked dick from the back; even on my back, as he descended into my mouth from behind; but never had I ever enjoyed the feel of a dick while completely upside down. He managed to pull his fingers from my clit and lips long enough to help me jig him out of his pants. With a quick release, he dropped me down just enough for him to fit in my mouth comfortably. I gargled his wood, spit bubbling out of my mouth and dripping to the floor. His arm tightened around me like a boa constrictor, and my nails dug deep into his ass. He leaned his hips into me as I went to work; I knew his orgasm was coming, his muscles began to twitch, I closed my eyes and readied myself for dessert and then

…someone knocked on the door.

“Occupied!” Daddy shouted, breathless.

“This is the restaurant manager. I know it’s occupied, and I know what you guys are doing in there. I am taking the time to allow you to walk out without hassle.”

As quickly as gravity had shifted, I was back upright.

I reached for the door knob and Daddy snatched me away and pulled me to him, pressing firm against my back. He leaned into me and growled, “I told you I would fuck you in here and that’s what I’m going to do.” He pushed himself fully inside me and started ramming me quick and hard.

The manager knocked at the door again.

“COMING!” We screamed in unison.

And we were. It didn’t take Daddy long to bust a nut onto the bathroom floor. Just in time too, because we could hear the keys jingling in the lock. When he opened the door we were fully presentable, glowing, and smiling ear to ear. Ignoring the judgmental looks of the patrons, we paid our bill, got in Daddy’s car and sped back up the highway.

After a few farewell kisses, I got in my car and we went our separate ways, already yearning for the next time we would meet.

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