Kaylen and Natasha

It’s said that anticipation is the central ingredient to sexual desire. The months of texting back and forth proved that; yet somehow the seconds stretching into eternity now, Kaylen naked before her like ripe fruit waiting to be  tasted,were more agonizing. Missed opportunity had become a recurring theme in Natasha and Kaylen’s world, but there would be no such misfires this night.

They’d admired each other over social media for years. After finally meeting up for drinks, the connection between them grew even stronger. By the time they said their farewells, they both wanted to end the night with their tongues in each other’s mouths, but didn’t “out of respect for the moment.”…Big mistake.

They didn’t consider how long it would be before their different lives in different states would allow them to reconnect. Hell, this meeting would probably be their last for a while.

So tonight would have had to be the night; no thought about it. After a nice lunch and briefly sneaking kisses throughout the day, they were ready to kiss different lips.

They got back to Kaylen’s apartment and left no time for wonder, stripping each other’s clothes off and planting soft delicate kisses on each new bit of exposed skin.

“I want to taste you so bad, baby,” Kaylen sighed as Natasha removed her bra.

Her nipple piercings excited Natasha. She’d wanted to lick them and flick them with her tongue ever since she saw them in the dozens of nudes they’d exchanged, but however many megapixels had nothing on reality.

They stood there in the living room, admiring each other’s naked bodies in silence, wondering who would make the first official move. A grin finally broke across Kaylen’s face as she grabbed Natasha’s hand and led her to the bedroom.

“So I got some stuff in preparation,” Kaylen said, producing a large black bag adorned with a red lotus flower on the front. From it, she pulled out a double ended dildo, a vibrator, and a Hitachi Magic Wand. Natasha was excited; they were literally  her favorite toys.

She picked up the Magic Wand and plugged it in.

“This first, please!”

Kaylen was on Natasha in an instant, burrowing her tongue into Natasha’s mouth, rubbing their bodies together breast to breast, clit to clit, awakening their senses. Natasha massaged Kaylen’s ass, occasionally spreading her lips apart with the same hand. Kaylen’s hand was in between their torsos, two fingers deep in Natasha. Kaylen felt those familiar tremors starting in her lover’s thighs.

“I haven’t even got started yet, babe. You can’t be ready to come yet.” she breathed, astonished.

Kaylen put the wand on low speed and glided it over Natasha’s clit, causing her to purr and moan.

“Like this, baby?” Kaylen held the wand steady, watching Natasha twist and arch to its vibrations. She still couldn’t believe the reaction she was getting. She could always make her girls cum, but twice in less than 20 minutes? It had to be a new record.


Natasha’s  body was aching for penetration. She was itching to use the double-ended dildo, but it wouldn’t have been fair of her to orgasm yet again without making Kaylen cum at least once.


She took the vibrator out of the bag and pushed it in and out of Kaylen, matching the tempo of her tongue lashing upon her clit. The internal vibrations resonated through Kaylen, sending her juices streaming over the toy and Natasha’s fingers.


“Good, you’re nice and wet,” Natasha proudly beamed. “Now for phase two.”

She turned the wand on high and put it on Kaylen’s clit. “Hold it steady.” Natasha proceeded to lay flat on her belly, vibrator in her mouth, Kaylen’s hips under her hands. She lifted Kaylen’s hips enough for her to penetrate her with the vibrator and still be able to maneuver her own head back and forth. She fucked Kaylen with the vibrator using only her mouth. Her chin dripped with Kaylen’s nectar.

“Shit babe!” Kaylen gasped

“You taste so good. Want to taste?” Natasha took the vibrator out of Kaylen and held it to her mouth, still between her teeth. Kaylen sucked herself off the vibrator, then sucked herself off of Natasha’s lips.


Finally, it was time for the double ended dildo. The other toys proved to be worth their money so far; Kaylen and Natasha couldn’t wait to complete the trifecta.


“The best for last.” They said in unison, reaching for the dildo.


Eagerly they slid the toy into themselves, already well lubricated. The women interlocked their legs and hands, pushing off one another. Kaylen took over and straddled Natasha, still intertwined. The added leverage allowed her to not only stroke herself to climax, but with each bounce, stroke deeper into Natasha as well, applying the pressure she needed to climax for the third time.


“I want to feel your pussy,” said Kaylen. She pulled the dildo from inside of them and pressed her pussy lips to Natasha’s. Their labia slid into one another, audibly dripping wet, sweet, slimy. As their pussies smacked together, Natasha leaned up to grab a mouthful of Kaylen’s breast and swiveled her tongue against her erect nipple; playing with the U-shaped ring between her teeth. They’d cum a total of ten times between the two of them. Kaylen’s goal was to make Natasha squirt for her, so she was nowhere near done. Natasha loved hearing Kaylen moan her name, so she wasn’t finished either. They fucked from the late afternoon through sunset, finally collapsing on top of each other sometime in the dark of night. They laughed to each other, wondering why they ever fucked with men in the first place. Who needed a man when they had a partner who knew just where and how to touch, felt the way a woman felt, and best of all: no refraction period.


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