Wake Up Call

I woke up to him pulling me into his body
Biting into my shoulder
Planting kisses along the side of my neck and ear
I push my ass on his dick and slide against his erection
He pulls my face back towards his and begins kissing me
Squeezing my breast and breathing into my mouth
If sleeping naked does this to him I’ll have to refrain from my typical lace panties and t-shirt combo more often.
He climbs on top of me and begins circling his tongue on my nipples
Gripping each breast into his hand
I push my pelvis into his indicating I want him to enjoy a late night snack
His mouth moves from my breast down to my stomach
He swirls his tongue along my belly
His kisses are making their way to my thighs, causing them to tremble
He hovers over the space where my lower abdomen and genitals meet.
‘You’re such a fucking tease’ I breathe out
Even though it’s dark I can tell he’s smiling that arrogant grin
He uses a finger to part my lips
“You’re very wet at this hour”
He slips two fingers in

“Very very wet”
I arch my back and position my body.
He dives into my vagina barely coming up for air. His tongue penetrated me, I clench suffocating him between my thighs. I pushed him off of me and climbed on top of him. I kiss my juices off his face. I placed his member inside of me and began riding the length of cock. He spread my cheeks apart and thrust into me catching my rhythm. I grabbed the head board, stabling my bounce.
I spun around with his dick still inside. I spread my thighs and lean forward so hip tip would bounce in and out.
“Just like that” he groaned
I increased my speed.
He slapped my ass in appreciation.
He slowly props me into into the doggy style position putting pressure on my neck making sure my arch was right fucking me deep.
He whispers in to my ear that he’s about to cum and he wants me to suck it out. It sends chills up my spine causing me to cum once more on his dick, I slurp myself off his sensitive member rapidly circling his tip. He jerks into my mouth his cum makes extra lubrication, I continue sucking. He throws me off of him and falls back trying to catch his breath. I hop off the bed like a giddy school girl proud of what I’ve just done. I grab my towel out the bathroom and wipe myself down. He still stuck in the same position with a smile on his face.
He looks up at me when I start to wipe our intertwined juices of his abdomen.
…..to be continued


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