The Apology

“I really am sorry you know?” Isaiah proclaimed as he brushed a piece of hair behind my ear placing his hand firm onto the nape of my neck.

I couldn’t deny the apparent affect he had on me. My heart always beat 10x faster when he was around. He’s giving me that look that says “let my fucking do all the apologizing for me” I accepted his apology only a hour ago. I haven’t talked to him in 3 months and 14 days prior to his initial call wanting to meet for lunch.
He puts his other hand opposite of the first one and kisses me deeply. I feel my internal battle of not letting him get my cookies start to fall to defeat. I briefly give in allowing him to swirl his tongue with mine. I pull back and distance myself walking towards the kitchen to pour myself something to drink so, i need to occupy my mouth.

I take a big swig of wine and turn my body towards his. He was still standing in my living room giving me the puppy dog eyes.
‘No’ I barely say with authority
” I understand ,sorry” he adjust his erection
“You can’t just do shit like that, take me out to one lunch and then think you can jump right back into it.”
“I know, I know. Sorry”
We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity
“Take your dick out”
He whipped his dick out proudly and started back over towards me
“I didn’t say move, back on up”
His face contorted into an confused expression but he stopped in his tracks.
“Now you can’t touch me, you don’t deserve that yet. But you will watch me touch myself and I want you to touch yourself until you cum”
He smirked at me and without a word began slowly stroking his dick. That’s what I loved most about him, he was always up for anything, which made the bedroom and life in general that much more interesting.
“Not here,I’ve gotten some toys while you were gone.”
Before leaving the kitchen I take two fingers and insert them into my vagina making sure I got just enough of my wetness on to them and rubbed the tip of his penis watching him roll his eyes back and biting his lip, instantly remembering what it felt like to be inside me.
“You can’t do things like that and ask me not to be inside of you.”
“I can do what the fuck I want. I can ride your dick until you’re bout to cum and kick you out. I can push your dick to the back of my throat and tickle your balls with the tip of my tongue and then make you take a cold shower if I want. Don’t tell me what I can or can not do. Now sit on that chair.”
I point to a chair angled in a corner facing my bed.
He’s not used to being dominated, I can see in his eye he wants to teach me a lesson so I think of the perfect way to tease him in the heat of this moment.

I go into my closet and pull out my riders whip. I bend myself over on slap my ass nice and hard
Every couple hits or so I allow him massage the sting away
I lay back on my bed and go into my bed side table.
“Pink, purple, or turquoise?”
“Oooo good choice” I pull out my rabbit.
I slide it between my lips and pull it away slowly to make sure he see’s how sticky and wet I am. He starts to beat his member a little harder
“No no no you don’t cum til I tell you to cum”
I push the rabbit inside of me, I’ve been using my toys for the past three months in his absence but they never felt as good as they did today.
Him watching me was the ultimate turn on.
I grab one of my breast and my body begins jerking
I look over to Isaiah, he’s struggling trying to juggle concentrating on me, pleasuring himself, and trying his hardest not to cum.
“I’ll have mercy on you, come finish me off”
He comes over and steadies himself on the bed so he can enter me deeply.
“Oh no” I laugh. ” Not that much mercy,you can finish me off” I hold up the rabbit
“You may use your mouth as well”
He turned the rabbit on full blast making sure it was spinning and twirling to it’s best ability and pushed it inside of me, I arched my back and push his face down.
The way he moaned on my clit made my eyes roll back. I squirted all over my sheets and his chest I didn’t even notice that he had already came and had used his free hand to place his thumb into my ass.
My thighs trembled and I went deaf.
I was still sensitive to the touch when he began to wipe me down.
‘Can I stay?’ He said with his beautiful light brown puppy dog eyes
“No, but i’ll be calling you.”


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