Sex and other emotions

I like going to Isaiah’s place, it’s very open. When you first walk in there’s a large continual space displaying his living and dining room. Since he’s on the 13th floor he doesn’t have blinds covering his big glass wall separating the living room from the balcony displaying a beautiful view of Silver Hills downtown skylights.

There are iron steps that lead up to the bed room which is up in a little loft of it’s own. Where I needed to be was the kitchen. You can almost float there on the savory aromas. The kitchen was separated from the dining and living room It was filled with red wood finishing and stainless steel fixtures. You would of bet your life savings he got this apartment for me. Everything about it filled my undergraduate dreams. It reminded me of Nina Moseley’s apartment in Love Jones.

Our relationship rolls have been pretty clear from the beginning he handled money and maintenance I provided cooked food and pussy. Once in a while he would cook for me and when that happened I would sit back and enjoy the luxury. Tonight he decided to make grilled salmon, baked potatoes and mixed vegetables. I popped open my beer and sat at the aisle bar watching him maneuver through the kitchen.

“Wipe that goofy smile off your face.”

‘Shut up it’s not goofy’

“Trust me it’s goofy.“

‘I’m just not used to you cooking…it’s been awhile’

“Well you’ve been applying your attention to all your other men, you forgot about me.”

‘Oh act like you haven’t been out of town these past couple of weeks. Anyways how was San Diego?’

“ It was nice. You would of liked being there. Actually I’ll be going out that way for work, and then I’m off for a couple of days afterward, would you like to come with me?”

‘Yes!’ I almost felt out my chair bopping with excitement

He chuckled and placed my plate in front of me.

‘When do you have to go out there!?’ i inquired.

“In a couple of weeks. I’ll be up there at the end of May into the first week of June. I’ll just be working for three days then I’m off four”

‘Well now that I finished finals I have nothing better to do!”

We moved to the living room and I pulled up Netflix for dinner entertainment. I find myself in the organized crime section and think of a fun game for us to play.

’ So about that bottle in your freezer..’

“About it…?!”

‘Lets pick a word and whenever it’s said you have to take a shot. My word will be ‘fuck’

“I’m with it. I’ll pick ‘Jesus’, I feel like they would say it a lot in one of these movies”

We put on American Hustle and not even a hour into the movie I’m several shots in.

“You okay?“

‘Nooooo I’m very drunk!’

“I can tell. My word has hardly come up”

‘Yeah you’ve taken like what 4 shots? I’m done, if I drink anymore I will be dead for the night’ Those were the last words I remembered saying. The next morning I woke up with a feeling of great relief. I had this really vivid image of me screaming in ecstasy pulling Ike deeper into me on top of the washing machine.

I woke up on the couch, I guess taking me upstairs to the loft area was to much of a hassle in last nights drunken stagger. I tiptoed upstairs and saw that Isaiah was still knocked out. I snuck back down stairs to clean myself up and start on breakfast. As I was flipping the last slice of French toast I felt Isaiah walk up behind me reaching for a piece of bacon de-greasing in a paper towel on the stove top his morning wood firmly grazing my ass.

“Well Good morning” He slaps my ass then walks over to the fridge to get out the creamer for the coffee I’ve already started.

‘Hey did we fuck on the washing machine.?’

“No.” Isaiah said as he finished his coffee preparation and began rolling the morning blunt.

‘Oh’ I looked down slightly disappointed, it was only a dream.

“We fucked on the dryer” I looked up and his eyes were already locked on me gazing intensely

“Advert your eyes” he said

‘I look at what I please’ I taunted

“Don’t get dealt with”

“The only reason I’m not touching on that right now is because I made breakfast and we will eat this one before it gets cold” His hand has intertwined in my hair gaining my full attention, he leans in towards me our lips brushing against each other

“Whatever you say” I want to pull away but I’m paralyzed

He releases me in my paralytic form and carries on as if nothing happened “Make my plate woman”

My legs move like a baby deer trying to pursue it’s first steps. I prepare our plates of French toast,grits, eggs,and bacon on to a plate and and place it on the table. Before I take my seat I graze my hand on his crotch and trace his ear with my tongue before nibbling the lobe. I take my seat next to him and begin on my plate, smirking through my bites. Breakfast was silent and filled with sexual tension. Every time we passed the blunt to one another one of us would brush the others hand surging electrical passion through our loins.  I go into the kitchen and place our plates in the sink. Isaiah must of been right on my heels,I barely had room to turn around he was already pressed against me.

His hand re-tangles in my hair bringing us back to where we were a brief moment before. My eyes back and my teeth grip my bottom lip, letting out a  a deep breath enjoying his intense embrace. Isaiah jerks my head back exposing my neck before he takes a bite, I let out a Moan.

“Sssh, don’t make any noise”  Isaiah pulls down the straps of my cami kissing each shoulder before exposing my erect nipples. In each hand he caressed a breast, getting a mouthful of each. I wanted to let out a whimper but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. I arch forward pushing my nipples into his mouth. He grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the counter. It’s not even 12 and he’s already having his second meal of the day. Licking long slow stokes acquiring a good taste of my pussy. I began to purr with pleasure.With each stroke he would flick my clit making me cringe. He suckled my clit, placing two fingers into my pussy doing a come here motion on my gspot. I cum all down his face. Before his face can even stop glistening from my juices he whisk me into the living room leaning me over the arm of the couch so my hips are elevated he slides into me falling balls deep into my pussy. I shift my body down pulling my legs up so my ankles are over my head. He’s fucking me deep, I want to cry from how amazing it feels. He’s reaching parts of my pussy that’s never been explored. I let out a loud moan.

‘Mhmmm’ he’s started circling my clit with his thumb I kept trying to scream out his name but my orgasm stifled my speech

‘Cum with me’ He groaned into my ear sounding like a lion dominating his prey I wrap my legs around his waist biting into his shoulder and we simultaneously released. He spewed his kids all over my stomach, I found myself playing with them, I haven’t tasted him in a while so I licked my fingers and started to giggle “What” he said coming back from the bathroom with a towel

“You taste better”

“I’ve changed my out of town diet” He plops next to me on the couch after cleaning us of. I lick my lips He grabs my face and pulls it up towards his planting a hard kiss

“You’re nasty, you know that?“ ”

“Yeah,and you love it” Ten minutes later we were fast asleep


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