Route 69

Cracking my phone screen in the office bathroom was the motivation I needed to stop relying on phone sex and finally meet up with Daddy to relieve my fucktrations. Thanks to my new job we’ve gone from consistently amazing sex to stopping cold turkey. We agree to meet up at a rest stop halfway between our locations since we’re both off for the day. No point in getting a hotel. I arrive to the rest stop first and park in the back corner away from the arriving cars. My energy has been off the charts all day gearing up for my road trip to Sexville. I lean my seat back and slip my fingers between my skirt gauging how wet my pussies gotten.

My cat was moist, my fingers easily separated my lips dipping into a puddle. I squeeze my nipple through my top and squirmed on my fingers. I was working my fingers rapidly thinking about the pleasure I was about to feel sitting on Daddies lap. I was frightened by a loud tap on the door I opened my eyes to a man who apparently was walking his dog and caught a view. I blushed with embarrassment and straightened myself up. Even though I stopped my little peep show the man continued to stand there at the window motioning for me to roll it down. I quickly put my car in gear and sped off.

Right before I hit the highway I got a call.

“Where’d you go?! I saw you high tailing out of the parking lot, you almost hit a dog. Your not backing out on me are you?“

The slight concern in my Daddies voice snap me back in sex mode and I started to back my car up.

” No never that Daddy, I was getting myself nice and wet for you and the owner of the nearly dead dog wanted to watch so I sped off. Where are you parked at?”

“By the restrooms, now come sit on it.“

I pull up next to him and put my car in park. When I get in his car Daddy was already stroking his shaft getting it nice and hard for me, I guess we both liked to prepare. As soon as I got in the car a field trip bus pulled up letting out a bunch of middle schoolers. I suggest we hop back on the highway and find a more secluded location. Barely out the parking lot his dick is already jammed down my throat. As he cruises down the highway my tongue cruises from the tip to his balls stroking and slurping down the highway. I hear faint obscenities being mumbled under his breath. Something about giving head in the car brought out my greatest talents. I had him completely in my mouth still able to apply full attention to his balls. I popped one into my mouth at a time massaging the other. Just as the slobber started to spill out my mouth Daddy yanked my head up and told me to sit on it. I looked out the window and noticed we were still driving.

“What now?!” I scrunched my face up in confusion

“Yes now! Sit on it!“ He urged. He puts his car on cruise control and I climb into his lap.

He adjusted my body so he could still see over my shoulder. One hand was pulling my cheeks apart while the other controlled the steering wheel.

“You missed it?” He grunted into my ear

“Yes!“ I moaned

“How much!?”

” I’ve missed your dick so much, put it deep in me Daddy, make me cream all over you” I cried out.

The car slightly jerked.

“Daddy I love fucking you, but if this is how I die,I will kill you.“ I threatened

“I got us babe. Just continue riding this dick like you was”  I heard myself suction around him, it sounded like he was stirring a pot of Mac n cheese. The slipping and reclaiming of its grip around him motivated me to move on him with everything I had. I rotated my hips clockwise and counter clockwise. Copying some of the moves I seen in twerk videos. I heard my ass clap. In the moment I reached down for the lever that reclined his seat back. The extra space allowed my body to move up and down with better control. Surprisingly Daddy was still cruising down the highway without a hitch. He loved the way I popped up and down on the tip and began rewarding me with ass slaps. The hand that was once slapping my ass was now digging into my side. His arm was wrapped around me holding my body steady as he thrust inside.

Just before I reached orgasm I see blue lights flash followed by the sound of a siren. We both froze mid stroke as he began to shift into the far right hand lanes. I went to go climb off but he held onto me still thrusting inside me. I guess if he was going to go out it was going to be with a bang. We pull into the right shoulder and wait for our fate. The police officer zoomed passed us. We both let out a sigh of release and went back to fucking each other. The adrenaline rush of it all caused us to reach our breaking point and we came onto each other. After a few minutes I finally managed to climb off of him. We planned to grab a quick bite to eat before we went back our separate directions.

While in the restaurant Daddy kept slipping his fingers between my skirt telling me I tasted better than his food.

“I would put your ass on my plate and eat you like a full course meal” He whispered into my neck.  I crossed my legs adjusting the tension throbbing between them. I tried to concentrate on my steak and eggs but I felt Daddies eyes burning a hole into me.

“Your foods getting cold.“

“Feels like it’s just warming up” he provoked with his fingers twisting inside me “Let me fuck you in the bathroom”

“No, I want to finish my food” I lied

“If you don’t let me fuck you in the bathroom I will fuck you right here.“ He zipped down his pants uncovering his erection.

I look around to see if anyone was noticed what was going on. Everyone was mindlessly enjoying their soups of the day not paying attention to the soft porn happening just below our linoleum table. I scooch out my seat heading towards the corner bathrooms. …to be ctd.


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