Picking up where we left off

Seeing Liam at the bar last night sparked old memories from my early college years. So having him in my house this morning was grounds for recreating some of those moments.

‘Hey I’m bout to go hop in the shower, it’s a lot bigger than the one from my first apartment would you like to join me?’

I positioned my body towards him.
He kissed me deep and fervently our breathing increasing
I push him off of me and pull him into the bedroom. I’m still in last night’s attire so I unbuckle my shorts to add to the pile of my shirt and jacket on the floor and become paralyzed by the feeling of teeth piercing into my hip. Liam is on his knees behind me biting all over my ass. He helps me step out of my panties and bends me over my vanity. He rubs his hand back and forth several times appreciating my wetness before he leaves his middle finger in and starts to tickle my g-spot.
“Just as wet as I remembered” He takes his thumb and rubs it on the skin surrounding my asshole. I forgot how nasty he can get. He uses his knee to part my legs apart and enters me from behind; I push him out of me and demand he get into my shower. We enter the shower and he begins washing me, massaging the body wash into my shoulders; this is something I can get used to. After washing my whole body Liam pushes me forward and begins to eat me out from the back. His tongue swirls around in me, as he reaches his right hand around and plays with my clit. His tongue inserts my ass. It’s rare to find someone as nasty and talented as him. The rush of pleasure pierces my soul. I felt my knees getting weak, I turn around and look straight into his eyes. I grab the body wash and begin massaging it onto the length of his penis, not releasing him from my glare. He throws his head back enjoying the moment, as I watch the soap run down his dick I find myself longing for it. I place his shaft into my mouth. Before I could even get a good taste of him he grabbed me and pulled me up to my feet pulling me in for a kiss. I grabbed onto the handle bars in my shower and wrapped my limbs around him so he enters me deep. I was thankful for all the shower accessories I purchased for moments like this. Mimi Faust and Nikko had nothing on the show we were putting on. It was a great warm but it was time to take this show else where. We get out the shower I and perch up on my sink exposing my ready vagina. Liam’s  gnaws at my goods again, damn I forgot how much he loved to eat up every part of me. I pull him up and taste myself on his lips while putting his tip inside, he finishes up the action and penetrates me. My nails dig into his back as I push him as deep as he can go. The pleasure is so over coming, it was like the old times all over again. My thighs tremble as I leak on to his dick.

“You want this nut?” his question caught me off guard it didn’t even occur to me that we hadn’t talked since the bedroom. The only noises had been our moans and groans.

“ Yes! Give it to me”

“Where you want it?” he pants

“I don’t care just give it to me,give it all to me”

His thrust become harder and quicker until he releases his load into me.


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