Party Foul

Every time we were around each other, it was trouble. Whenever we were in a crowded, room we only saw one another. Not in an ” I’m so in love that you’re all I see” type of way. More of an “I can’t believe we have clothes on, why aren’t we fucking?” kind of way.
I was in the back room when he walked in; thick weed smoke filled the air. He fell into my gravitational pull and took a seat next to me. I neglected the session and began whispering everything I wanted to do in his ear.
“My heart is beating so fast, I just want you spilling down my throat,”I purred into his neck.
“You better stop,” he growled, sticking his tongue in my ear.
I let out a soft moan, not caring if anyone around me was noticing our sensual tango.
As the last of the blunts ended, everyone started to clear the room. I barely noticed.
At some point we started to make out and feel all up on each other.
It wasn’t until he got up and walked to the bathroom that I noticed the room once filled wall to wall with stoners was now empty.
By the time my eyes made their way back to him, he was leaning up against the door frame, swinging his dick in his hand.
I could feel my wetness starting to drip down my leg.
The mixture of Henny and weed killed all my inhibitions, and at this point all I wanted was him.
Barely locking the door behind us, he grabbed me up by my throat.
“What’s all that you was talking earlier?”
He pushed me down to my knees, his lustful member swinging in my face.
I pushed him into the back of my throat. He put a hand on the back of my head and started to fuck my face.
I made sure to tend to his balls, cupping them with my tongue.
He grabbed me by my hair and yanked me up, pulling my skirt up and bending me over the sink.
Slapping my ass, his fingers found their way to my yearning vagina.
“Shit!” My juices coated his fingers thickly.
“Mhmmm. Just for you.”
He kicked my legs apart and entered me.
Not too long after he pulled out.
“Dammit I’m bout to cum, hold on.”
I hopped up on the sink and give him the “yeah I know this pussy is like that” glare.
“I’m not trying to be done with you yet,. give me a second”
I pulled him toward me and planted kisses from his chin to his neck, swirling my tongue in between.He groaned.
He intertwined his hands in my hair and pulled my hips to the edge of the sink counter, ramming into me. I let out a gasp and wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing him in deep.
My pussy was audibly wet as it gripped around him harder and harder after each stroke, contracting my orgasm.
He held up my left leg as I perched my right on the doorknob.
He increased his speed, slamming into me harder, preparing for his climax.
He dropped my leg and pulled out, with barely enough time to jack out his cum.
While he cleaned up his mess, I got myself together in the mirror.
He came up behind me and leaned into me, whispering:
“Let’s go back to my place for round two…”


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