First Encounter prt. 2

I vowed I wouldn’t enter his house again. The thought of taking our friendship to that next level was territory wasn’t sure if I was ready to tread. A full 24 hours passed, I was doing good, since the summer started we hadn’t spent more than twelve hours away from one another.

A friend called me stating they were going out of town for a few months and would like to meet up. Unfortunately he wants to meet up at the one location I’ve been avoiding. After hours tangoing around some intense sexual tension, I found it was time for me to leave. Unfortunately the guest of honor, also my ride, had fallen asleep on the couch. My friend had went back into his room so I made my way in their to ask for a ride.I walked in there with a purpose but as soon as I crossed the thresholds memories of what went down not even 48hours ago came rushing back.  When I asked him to take me home he sat on the edge of his bed and looked up at me with those begging eyes asking me to come here. I walked over to him, he squeezed my ass and ask me for a kiss. Without thinking I bent over and pressed his lips with mine. We reclined on his bed and started to tear off each others clothing as our tongues meshed into one. I snapped back into reality and began making myself presentable again. He stood up and pressed against me. As I went to back away from him I backed into his closet. How I managed to constantly back myself into a corner baffled me.

As he fell to his knees he yanked down my pants and tossed me around eating me from that back. As I squirmed on his tongue,I knew no matter what my brain was saying my pussy was making a way more convincing argument. I turn around and stood him up noticing his erection through his basketball shorts. I kick my pants off and take off my shirt making my way back to the bed. He points out that his bedroom door is still open and our friend could wake up at any minute and catch us. I shrug and rub and laid myself on the bed, exposing my vagina to him, while playing with my wetness. He shut the door and eagerly stripped. My eyes were closed so I didn’t notice that instead of entering me with his dick he chose his tongue. I wriggled on the tip of his tongue feeling my legs shiver and shake. He joined me on the bed and buried his face in my pussy I buried his dick in my mouth. I was sucking on his balls when I felt a new strange pleasure. While eating me out he stuck his finger in my ass. The new pleasure got to me and I came.

Before I could register the new orgasmic feeling he was giving he climbed on top of and finally descended his hard cock into me. The initial entry caused me to arch my back. One of my legs automatically flew up to his shoulder making sure he penetrated me deep. His stokes went from slow and aching to fast and hard. After being stretched and flipped multiple times he finally came..mostly in me.


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