First Encounter prt. 1

It was a look between two friends, that would take us down a path of curiosity. He kissed me and as our breath continued to get deeper I had to stop it before it gone to far. After multiple attempts he gave up trying to kiss me again, for the time being. We proceeded to lay with each other, he caressed my body, rubbing his fingers slowly up and down my curves. I sat there enjoying each touch from his tantalizing hands  trying to suppress the urge to pounce on him. I had on nothing but his t-shirt and some panties. His hand slowly made its way down to my warm, juicy, awaiting pussy. I didn’t want him to know I was liking everything he was doing so I just layed there continuing to ignore that urge trying to use television as an distraction. He pulled my panties to the side and felt how wet I was getting. He had to have me, he started to finger me trying to gage how far I was willing to let this go. My hips twirled with his fingers. He can tell my yearning was going stronger. He gets up off the bed, grabbing my hips and pulls them closer to the edge of the bed, teasing my thighs with his tongue he makes his way to my lower region.

I let him continue to tease, but once again before it got to far I stopped it. He wasn’t having it, not a second time at least. He continued to pick with me, he pinched and bit me hoping that it would make me cave into temptation.

I get up off the bed, my attempt to distance myself from temptation. He proceeded after me, backing me into the corner by his door. Something about us standing was making my knees tremble. The way he looked at me made all  moralities go out the door. I had to have him, now.  We started kissing,pulling our bodies closer, I wrapped onto him raising my legs higher as our tongues intertwined. He picked me up and brought me to the bed begging to devour my pussy. Every juice I dripped his tongue caught. He kept sucking on my pussy lips enjoying my taste more and more after each lick, I had to pay him back, I pulled out his dick and was astonished at how huge it was, elated I began to suck his dick. Slobbing and slurping while shoving every inch into the back of my throat the only thought in his head at this point was that he must see how I felt. He picked my body up to put on his strong, hard dick. At this point I had to stop it we have now really gone too far.


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