Permission Slip

I would like to ask for your consent. Can I blow your mind? Make you toss and turn? Reach for that handy dandy item on your night stand or out for your love one while you act out your deepest desires? Let me tantalize you and leave you yearning for more. I want you to come for me. I’m ready to get you soaked. I want you flustered. I want your goosebumps tingling. Panties drenched. Dick throbbing. This here is that mouth watering. Do your private parts ache? Do you need a sexual release? Well then enter at your own risk. Think you can handle it? Think you’re open to any and all things FREAKY? Well I’ll be the judge of that. I’m here to stimulate the mind of even the most docile. Let me help bring out your inner freak, open your mind up to things you didn’t even think of. My goal is to satisfy the masses. Think I can please you?

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